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PureVPN Review - Is PureVPN Safe? All You Need To Know

By Gets Coupon Team - Oct. 31, 2022

Table Of Contents

- What Is PureVPN?

- Is PureVPN Legit?

- Why To Choose PureVPN?

- PureVPN Server List

- Is PureVPN Free?

- PureVPN Plan And Price

- PureVPN Reviews From Real Customers

- PureVPN Coupon Code

- PureVPN Refund Policy

- How To Contact PureVPN Customer Service

- Does PureVPN offer an affiliate program?

What Is PureVPN?

PureVPN is one of the largest and fastest VPN providers in the world. Since PureVPN was launched in 2006, it has been favored by more and more customers for its competitive price and secure service.

Is PureVPN Legit?

PureVPN has existed over 16 years.

PureVPN’s official website - PureVPN.com SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is valid.

PureVPN is popular on mainstream social platforms.

PureVPN has 114,903 followers on Facebook.

PureVPN has more than 15,500 subscribers on YouTube.

PureVPN has more than 6,107 followers on Instagram.

PureVPN has more than 5,323 followers on Twitter.

PureVPN got many positive reviews from their official website and other authoritative review platforms.

PureVPN coupons

Image source: Trustpilot.com

PureVPN got 4.7 out 5.0 from 14,581 customers on Trustpilot. 86% of customers gave PureVPN 5 stars to show their 100% satisfaction.

PureVPN is published on the global authoritative website - Wikipedia.

Why To Choose PureVPN?


Before you learn PureVPN, maybe you will worry about that is PureVPN safe? Indeed, the most important thing for users is security.

PureVPN delivers on its promise of online security by using up to 256-bit military-grade data encryption along with complex authentication protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, and SSL to transmit data through a secure virtual tunnel.

PureVPN will protect your WIFI connection and data transmission, so that you can surf the Internet anytime, anywhere with confidence.

Protect Your Privacy

When you use PureVPN to surf the Internet, your private data and browsing records will be protected and will not be monitored by others. Moreover, PureVPN promises that PureVPN will never monitor, store or share your private information with anyone!


PureVPN is the VPN provider with the widest server coverage in the world. PureVPN has more than 6500 servers in more than 78 countries to ensure that users get faster speeds when surfing the Internet.

31-Day Refund Policy

Customers’ satisfaction is the most important thing for PureVPN. PureVPN promises that if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you are free to apply for a refund within 31 days from the date of the order.

Competitive Price

The sale price is down to $1.99/mo at PureVPN!

PureVPN Free Trial

Free trial is only available on their Android and iOS apps. For other platforms, PureVPN offers a 7-day Trial for only $0.99! Meanwhile, PureVPN guarantees that the network speed and security you experienced during the 7-day trial is exactly the same as the paid plans, and there will be no difference! Moreover, you can freely request a refund within 31 days of placing the order if you are not satisfied after the purchase.

Excellent Customer Support Service

You can freely contact PureVPN customer service if you have any questions before and after sales. It is worth mentioning that PureVPN provides 24/7 Live Chat support, you can contact them for help anytime.

PureVPN Server List

PureVPN owns over 6,500 servers in 78+ countries.

PureVPN coupons

Image source: PureVPN.com

Is PureVPN Free?

About PureVPN download

Yes! It’s free to download PureVPN. Currently, you can freely use PureVPN by the following methods.

Windows VPN


Android VPN


Chrome Extension

Firefox Extension

VPN For Router

Kodi Add-on

Android TV VPN

Firestick TV VPN

DDWRT Applet

Click here to download PureVPN for free!

About 7-day trial

Yes! It’s free to have a 7-day trial on their Android and iOS apps.

PureVPN Plan And Price

Plan A

1 Month Plan - $10.95/mo   No Discount

Use coupon code - SAVE30 to get extra 30% OFF for 1 month plan! Just $7.67 after applying this coupon code.

Plan B

12 Months Plan - $3.24/mo   70% OFF

Plan C

24 + 3 Months Free Plan - $1.99/mo   82% OFF

Use coupon code - SAVE30 to get extra 30% OFF for this plan! The total price is $37.77 after applying this coupon code. Only $1.40/mo!

PureVPN Reviews From Real Customers

PureVPN highlight reviews on their official website

“I am satisfied with the services PureVPN offer. It’s been a month my trial plan ended, and now I am a happy 1 year plan user. I am satisfied with the services PureVPN offer.”

- Review From Jake Marchant, Greece

“PureVPN deserves all the applause and respect for ensuring our privacy. PureVPN deserves all the applause and respect for ensuring our privacy. I enjoy using this app because it has all the privacy filters that keep prying eyes at bay.”

- Review From Aaron Sneddon, Maldives

“Huge list of Servers! PureVPN has lots of servers which is why I use this server. I can connect to any location and get favorable latency. I couldn’t ask for more.”

- Review From Patrick Donnelly, Switzerland

“Awesome customer service. I was not able to select the desired country to access as the screen was apparently frozen. I contacted PureVPN customer support with my complaint and received a speedy response. They resolved my problem at a stroke. Awesome customer service.”

- Review From Curtis Martin, Canada

“Simply great! I have experienced PureVPN services lately, and they are simply great. The private proxies are fast, and they work without any issues. There is no reason I should switch to another VPN. Thank you!”

- Review From Yolanda Stephenson, Canada

“PUREVPN has been good so far. I have used & switched to perhaps 3 different VPNs, and many have failed over time, getting blocked when accessing different regions and eventually becoming useless. PUREVPN has been good so far and I really appreciate their excellent service response time.”

- Review From Finley Barker, Italy

“PureVPN quite affordable. I’ve found PureVPN quite affordable as compared to the other VPN brands, their yearly package is really pocket friendly.”

- Review From Donald Hernandez, Ireland

PureVPN highlight reviews on Trustpilot

“Excellent support from Adam. I have been using PureVPN for years and have had excellent experience with it. Recently I wanted to do something new, and was finding the mass of help documentation heard to navigate. So I used the PureVPN Chatline and was put in touch with Adam. He very patiently and politely guided me to what I needed to know resulting in my achieving what I wanted. This was the sort of experience that makes you want to stay with a supplier. Thank you Adam.”

- Review From Mike, GB

“Connection to the best country is outstanding, Very rarely does the connection drop. The platform itself is easy to navigate and once connected there is no fear of downloading without a vpn in play.”

- Review From Tim Wright, DE

“This VPN is one of the best around! Price/quality is always a thing to consider and I decided to buy PureVPN and to give it a try. I am loving the app, the VPN service and their 24/7 live chat too! I had a question and Ethan from costumer support staff was super kind and immediately replied. Thank you for your professionalism and good luck with your business, PureVPN!”

- Review From David, PT

“Once again, love this VPN provider. Not to mention how good their VPN quality is in terms of speed, the same goes to their customer service. When I have problem in connecting to the VPN, the online customer service support is patient enough in explaining the solutions to me. Wonderful!!!”

- Review From Nelson Chan, MY

“THis is the best VPN ever. Only had an issue 1 time, but tech support was able to get everything up and running in no time.”

- Review From Alex Palmer, US

PureVPN Coupon Code

PureVPN coupons

PureVPN Refund Policy

PureVPN offers 31- Day refund guarantee! If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can request your refund within 31 days.

How to request your refund?

Step 1 - send an email to [email protected] to request your refund. Don’t forget to send your VPN username and reason!

Step 2 - Customer service will deal with your refund within 24 hours and you’ll receive your refund within 30 days once your request were approved.

How To Contact PureVPN Customer Service

The best way to contact PureVPN is online chat. They offers 24x7x365 customer service for online chat.

You can also contact PureVPN via email [email protected].

Does PureVPN offer an affiliate program?

Yes, PureVPN offers an affiliate program. You can visit here to register their affiliate program and earn commissions.

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