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The Best TEFL Certification Courses Online - Cudoo Reviews

By Gets Coupon Team - Sept. 19, 2022

Want to teach English as a foreign language but don't have a TEFL certification? Not sure where to get a reliable TEFL certification? Not sure how to choose the best TEFL certification online course? Don't worry, this article will find the best TEFL certification online course learning website for you from the four aspects of professionalism, learning convenience, course time and course cost.

Table Of Contents

- What Is TEFL Certification?

- Why You Need TEFL Certification?

- Cudoo TEFL Certification Courses Online

- What Is Cudoo?

- Is Cudoo Legit?

- Why To Choose Cudoo To Learn TEFL Certification Course?

- Cudoo Coupon Code

- Cudoo Reviews From Customers

What Is TEFL Certification?

The full name of TEFL is Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The TEFL certification is one of the internationally recognized general English teacher qualifications which is universally recognized and accepted around the world. TEFL certification is a certification that proves that foreign teachers have undergone certain training in spoken foreign language and teaching methods, and have mastered certain skills.

Why You Need TEFL Certification?

For those who want to pursue a career in teaching English as a foreign language, TEFL is the ticket to enter the industry.

Recognized By Most Of Countries

TEFL certificate is the world's most recognized English teaching qualification. It is recognized in more than 9,000 universities in more than 150 countries around the world.

More And Better Job Choices

With the increasingly fierce competition for English foreign teachers, the TEFL certification has become an important standard for international education institutions to recruit teachers. If you have a TEFL certification, it means you have more and better job opportunities.

More Professional

After systematic TEFL course training, you will have more professional knowledge and skills to better carry out your educational career in the future.

Better Salary

For quality international educational institutions, TEFL certification is an essential recruitment requirement. If you have better job opportunities, your salary will be better.

Cudoo TEFL Certification Courses Online

Cudoo coupons

Plan A

100-hour Online TEFL Certification Course Sale Price is $129.99 at

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Only $103.99 for Cudoo 100-hour Online TEFL Certification Course!

Plan B

120-hour Online TEFL Certification Course Price is $162.00

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Only $129.60 for Cudoo 120-hour Online TEFL Certification Course!

Cudoo coupons

How long does a TEFL course take?

At Cudoo, there are two courses to choose from. One TEFL course requires 120 hours and takes approximately 4 months to complete the entire TEFL certification course. Another TEFL course takes 100 hours and takes around 3 months to complete the entire course.

What Is Cudoo?

Cudoo is an online comprehensive and convenient adult eLearning platform which was established in 2016. Cudoo offers 1300+ online courses, including 160+ languages and 1000+ professional skills.

Is Cudoo Legit?

Cudoo has existed over 6 years.

Cudoo's official website - SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is valid.

Cudoo is popular on mainstream social platforms.

Cudoo got many positive reviews from their official website and other authoritative review platforms.

Why To Choose Cudoo To Learn TEFL Certification Course?

Trusted By More Than 500,000 Members

Cudoo has helped more than 500,000 members improve their professional and language skills.  Cudoo helps members increase their professional competitiveness and make their careers more possible.

Accredited By CPD

Cudoo's TEFL Certification course is accredited by CPD which is the professional authority in this industry.

14 Days Full Refund Guarantee

If youre not 100% satisfied with Cudoos course, you can request a refund within 14 days. Cudoo  give you a full refund without asking questions.

Lifetime Validity

Once you have completed the course, you can download or print the certification immediately. And it is valid for life and will not expire.

High-quality Contents

Cudoo’s TEFL course is not authored by independent authors. Instead, it is completed by a professional team of high-quality creators and course designers. Also, the course is regularly reviewed for updates based on member feedback and the latest information.

Payment Security

Cudoo does not collect or store your credit/debit card details. You can pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal or you can use any Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Cudoo Coupon Code

Cudoo coupons

Cudoo Reviews From Real Customers

I have been trying to look for a job that also helps my degree in english, although tefl is another course but does it give a boost in my credibility as an english teacher? Absolutely YES. i would recommend people to get tefl certified if you’re looking to upgrade your teaching experience.

-Anthony Perkins

“Cudoo is an absolute experience when it comes to delivering quality education at a distance, which goes on to show why it stands for being a learner’s paradise. I honestly do like the vast variety in the choices of courses that you can choose from to get skilled. Would definitely recommend this to the people looking for lessons to get equipped for profession rather than qualification.”

-Oleksandra Karwin

Lately my peak interest in ASL has risen up due to the rise in translators at the concerts narrating through emotions and hand signs, and honestly.. Cudoo does help establish a base for people inclined towards learning more the language and the culture as well.

-Jasmin Walia

“I think its fair to say that quality education of my choice has beaten quantity education that anyone else would have implied on me to get. Good one Cudoo.

-Thomas Kevin

“Cudoo made learning a new language very easy. I would highly recommend Cudoo to anyone trying to learn something new.”


“Frankly thanks to Cudoo, I learned English and French.It really is a great platform for learning . And cudoo gives you many languages that you can learn cudoo is really cool and i love you Cudoo.

-Yassine bentaleb

“I loved using Cudoo! It helped me learn sign language in the easiest way. They have so much to offer!”

-Katie Weld

“I came across Cudoo while looking for an online Spanish course. I have completed level 1 and planning to start level 2 soon. I really enjoyed each lesson, the quiz helped me check my progress. It’s a user-friendly platform and includes a wide range of courses. The one-for-one initiative definitely encourages me to take more courses.Highly recommended.”


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